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We are glad in presenting our updated our new product list to you for 2007.

Catalogue for our Natural synthetic compounds in the services in the services of Chemists in R&D, organic synthesis, Quality control labs and Biochemical research.

We work on the following reactions. Bromination, Esterification, Friedel-crafts, iodination, condensation, nitration, oxidation, reduction, Reimer-Tiemann reaction, Viles- Meyer reaction.

Group of Compounds are Aromatic Acetophenones, Benzophenones, Aldehydes, Acids, Nitriles, alcohols, Bromo, Chloro compounds, Chromones, Cinnamic acids, Coumarins, Iodocompounds, Phenolic ethers, Phenoles, Flavones and some natural products.

We take all measures to satisfy you as our customers in all respects. Our company’s motto since its inception has been customer satisfaction through Quality and service. We work hard to achieve it.






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